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Top 5 Solar Products


In this article we tries to cover simple products of solar for daily usage in our world. We tries to figure out brief but very important information regarding these solar products which help you to understand the application and other useful statistics regarding products.


Solar water pumping system is spreading very fast for the agriculture purpose and it provide electricity on day time and for India it is blessed that we are having more than 9 to 10 hours day. Also diesel generator pumps are going to be replaced by solar water pump because it is economically viable and also reduce the CO2 emission.

For farmers lot of subsidies and loans options are available for solar pumps from the Indian government sides specially in Rajasthan is leading in solar water pump market and having target more than 2 lakhs of pumps with having big amount of subsidy and very near to reach the target.Solar pumps is providing good facilities to farmers is having plenty of water in day time and no need to depend on grid electricity that is very less hours are available.

solar products : solar water pumps


Solar water heater is the cheapest way to use the solar heat energy and very famous product for the last long time it can provide hot water up to 75 to 80 ºC. And it is required for residential as well as industrial purpose.

For water heating systems mainly two types of water heaters are available. “Flat plate collector” (50 to 60º C capacity) and “evacuated tube collector”(75 to 80 ºC capacity). Most of the industries is having requirement of hot water and to hot the water by electricity is quite costly so people more prefer this technique.

Solar Products : solar water heater


Street light is very popular in rural and some urban areas. It is easiest way to get the light from solar energy in night time.It contains a solar panel, a battery, a charge controller, a pole and light (either LED or CFL). Solar Street light is available by the power rating of light (ex. 6W or 12W etc.).Solar panel rating are depends on the light power (ex. 40Wp or 80Wp panels etc.), on and off time is automatically decided by the charge controller.

Solar Products : Solar Street Lamps


Solar roof top will be the biggest part of new era of energy generation and this is the best way to make our country energy independent. The decreasing the price of solar panels and increasing price of diesel and coal creates interest in roof top systems and also it provide payback period less than 6 years with green energy generation.

There are mainly two kind of roof top systems are available that are” grid connected” and“off grid” systems and also sub categorized in type A- 1 kWp to 5 kWp , type B-5 kWp to 50 kWp, type C-50 kWp to 500 kWp. By the different state government policies in India people can also export there excess or surcharge energy. Roof top are including residential roof, commercial roof or industrial roof.

For roof top in market DIY (Do It Your Self) systems are available through which consumer purchase the system and can install it by himself.

Solar Products: solar roof top


This application is having huge application in telecom and agriculture field. Until people are using diesel generator for generation of electricity in rural area or when cut down the grid. But this generated electricity is very costly (18-20 INR/KWH). The burning of diesel is also cause carbon dioxide emission and makes polluted area.

In Solar–DG hybrid system solar is connected with inverter and it takes priority to take power from solar and if insufficient power from solar then it will move to diesel generator. Financially this system is more viable where almost total energy generated by diesel (like in farm, telecom tower or industry). By this system payback period would be 4.5 to 5 years.

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