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Top Innovative Solar Products


In this article we tries to figure out top 5 innovative solar products that have the ability to change the future of whole world. we searched many solar products and considering their usability and future scope we created this small list of 5 for top innovative products related to solar. please suggest your views on this by commenting or liking at end of this page. Yours suggestions are deeply welcomed by us because solar energy for us. 



The U.S. Army became the first agency who tested the solar powered tent for their daily needs of electricity for charge up any of the myriad batteries soldiers  carry while on operations . Solar Powered Tent can provide useful solution for electric energy where transportation of fuel is risky such like combat zones or highly costly like remote or mountain areas. Flexible Solar powered tent are made up of flexible solar panels which produced power in sunlight and can be easily cleaned or transported. It can also very helpful in natural calamities such like flood or earth quake where the power is not available from grid.

Solar_Tent - Innovative Solar Products


Now new trends of electronics industry shows that demand of products having self energy sourced becoming more and more prominent day by day. One of the products that garnered a lot of interest since 2011 in Consumer Electronics and reading industry  is a solar cover for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, presented by various companies. With just two hour or less of sunlight, the Solarkindle can charge the battery to power your kindle for next three days. This cover can easily last for five years and we recover whole amount  which we had invested for buying this in just one year.

Today Solar Cells which are using multi-junction  technology have higher than 40% conversion efficiency. These type Solar Cell will change the shape of mobile electronics. In future we will see that mobile electronics products  will be become self powered by this type High efficient Solar Cells.


Solar Powered Drone is now reality. Solar Power Drone can be used in many ways such like for detective device which collect information in combat or riot infected areas, for missile attack in remote areas , for  collecting weather information and forecast. There are also many big companies involved such like Google and Facebook  in project of supplying internet using solar powered drones. For providing providing Internet via sky , drone  must have to fly 65000 fits above the weather and have capacity to transmit high power signals using solar energy. For this project Google have also bought Titan Aerospace last year who have developed Solara 50 solar drone which is crashed in this year may during test.

The Nasa Pathfinder series were the first two aircraft developed as part of an evolutionary series of solar & fuel cells system-powered unmanned aerial vehicles. They were built to develop the technologies that would allow long-term, high-altitude aircraft to serve as atmospheric satellites, to perform atmospheric research tasks as well as serve as communications platforms.


NASA Path Finder - Solar Innovative Product


Day by Day solar car is becoming ground reality. Time is not too far where we will have not to worry about refilling the fuel in our cars for long journey.Now days updated versions of Solar Cars can easily cover more than 300 kms in single charge and can easily attain speed more than 100 km/h .Sun Swift a Australian solar car have claimed to achieve 500 km journey with a single charge with average speed of more than 100 km/h. This car will become first legal solar sport car in Australia in this year as company have declared. As high cost of conventional fuel and high increase in air pollution make big road for solar car to drive on. 


Sunswift- Innovative Solar Product


One of the biggest innovative product of solar industry is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel. Solar Impulse is a Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project, and also the name of the project's two operational aircraft. The privately financed project is led by Swiss engineer and businessman André Borschberg and Swiss psychiatrist and aeronaut Bertrand Piccard, who co-piloted Breitling Orbiter 3, the first balloon to circle the world non-stop. The Solar Impulse project intends to achieve the first circumnavigation of the Earth by a piloted fixed-wing aircraft using only solar power.On 3 July 2015, the plane completed the longest leg of its journey, from Japan to Hawaii. During that leg, however, the aircraft's batteries experienced thermal damage that is expected to take months to repair.

The Solar Impulse team stated that they hope to resume the circumnavigation in April 2016.This revolutionary single-seater aircraft made of carbon fiber has a 72 meter wingspan for a weight of just 2,300 Kg, equivalent to that of a car.
The 17,000 solar cells built into the wing supply four electric motors with renewable energy.During the day, the solar cells recharge lithium batteries weighing 633 Kg which allow the aircraft to fly at night and therefore to have virtually unlimited autonomy.


Solar_Impulse_2 -Solar Innovative Products


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