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Solar PV 2015 : A Year of ASIA


For more than two decade Worldwide growth of photovoltaics has been fitting an exponential curve which is also remain same for last year as well. But it is not false to say that it became more prominent in 2015.  A year of 2015 for Solar Photovoltaics was year of Asia. Asian countries  such like china, japan, india and south korea  have shown very high growth rates in Solar PV installations. In USA and UK growth rates of Solar PV remain  high for this year also and it is about to 55-65% and 70-80% respectively from previous year total installation.

Solar PV 2015: A Year of Asia

This year Solar PV has crossed the benchmark of 200 GW installation with  more than 60 GW installation done in 2015. The trend of declination of cost of solar PV is also continues with more than 15% this year. Because of  improvements in technology and economies of scale cost of price per watt  decrease drastically . Due to this solar PV is now increasingly competing with conventional energy sources as grid parity has already been reached to more than 25 countries up to 2015.


 In 2015, Solar PV installation  have grown with more than 40% then previous year. In Solar PV installation this year every asian countries  have grown more than 50% of previous year where as previously dominant countries of europe such like Germany and Italy have settle  down with very significant growth. North America and Australian continents remain moderate in growth of solar PV. Africa and Middle east is also showing prominent interest in solar as numbers are rising with high growth rates. So it is true to say that Asian solar pv installation have grown with very high rates than compare to any other continent.

[chart id="1068"]


In 2015, China crossed the 40 GW Solar PV mark and also clinched title from Germany who is having capacity of 40 GW. China have almost doubled the total capacity of previous year by installing more than 23 GW of installation in 2015. Same way Japan have increased their total capacity to more than 30 GW and maintained the 3rd rank in telly after germany. USA  surpass the italy with more than 25 GW installation with increase of almost 8 GW capacity in 2015.

 [chart id="1064"]


Most of Asian countries are looking solar energy as prominent source of energy for future that is also reflecting in their future targets as well. China who is new leader setted the target to reach 100 GW installed capacity up to 2020. Same way japan also targeted to 20% generation of total power needed  by country from solar energy by 2020. India which is one of the fastest emerging economy of the world  have aimed to reach 100 GW upto 2022.

From above numbers and stats it is clear that Asia have dominated in 2015 with more than 50% installation happened in Asia than throughout world. Present scenario of energy needs and economical strengthening of Asian countries will dominate the market for  solar energy for next decade for sure. Technology enhancement, increasing efficiency and reducing cost of solar energy have attracted  Asian countries to invest in next generation energy.


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