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Solar Panel Maintenance and Production



Solar panel conversion efficiency, typically in the 18 percent range is depends upon the available clean area of solar panel  is reduced by dust, moisture, pollen, and other particulates that accumulate on the solar panel.Due to accumulation of dust and other impurities the total available clean area is reduced and due to radiation from sun it not reach to pn junction of solar cell hence efficiency of solar decrease . A dirty solar panel can reduce its power capabilities by up to 30 percent in high dust/pollen or desert areas.

As solar energy industry growing at high rate , solar panel maintenance industry also growing at good rate .there are many small companies in the market are in  maintenance business which give their cleaning services in exchange of small amount of money which will be compensate will high efficiency of solar photovoltaic system. now a days there  are self cleaning solar panel arrays available in the  market which cleans itself by regular time periods.

For non-self-cleaning solar arrays, regular cleaning from a professional window washing company or by individuals can be performed on a regular schedule. According a  commercial solar panel cleaning services, "Solar panels are similar to the windows in your car, home or business. They get dirty from rain, dust, pollen, soot, smog, auto emissions, chimney ashes, bird droppings, leaves and other environmental debris. This dirt and debris blocks sunlight from being absorbed into the panels, decreasing their efficiency. The result is less energy for use in your business or for sale to your utility company."

Solar Panel Maintenance


Up to, 2013, over 100  GW of solar PV system installations were completed, with solar PV pricing survey and market research company PV insights reporting growth of 117.8% in solar PV installation on a year-on-year basis. With over 100% year-on-year growth in PV system installation, PV module makers dramatically increased their shipments of solar modules since 2010. They actively expanded their capacity and turned themselves into gigawatt GW players. According to PVinsights, top twenty of the top hundred module companies in 2013 are GW players. Suntech, First Solar, Sharp, Yingli and Trina Solar are GW producers now, and most of them doubled their shipments in 2013 and their production capacity reaches to around 3 GW  for each .


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