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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is now comparable or even less costly then most of conventional ones  in most  parts of world due to this solar industry is reaching to new milestones every new day of life. As more and more people aware to advantages of solar energy, installation of solar panel increasing by very high numbers. In this article we mentioned points to be considered while solar panel installation.

 Calculation of Total Solar Energy Requirement

while installing a new solar energy system first step come into picture is how much energy we require to fullfil our requirement. for this we have to calculate total solar energy will be generated by a solar panel in operational area accorading to type of solar panel to be used in operational environment then devide this number to total requirement it gives total number of solar panels to be installed.we also take care of excess power generated or require more additional power while planning .we also consider other components and their quantity to be needed during solar panels installation.

Geographical Aspects on Solar Energy Generation

Geographical location also plays a big role while solar panel installation. Average solar irradiation also vary according to location to location  on the world. It also important while choosing type of solar panel because according to weather condition of location lifespan of solar panel vary. Humidity and temperature of  location affect the lifespan of solar panel most. weather conditions such like clouds, rain and wind speed of geographical location also change the conversion efficiency of solar panel. geography of location decides the total working hours of solar panel.

Selection of Solar Panel for Solar Energy Generation

There are many types solar panels are available in markets according to our requirements we have to choose solar panel wisely. many parameters have to be gone through by us while selecting type of solar panels. Such like cost , lifespan and efficiency of solar panel are prominent parameters in choosing particular type. we also have to consider various panels according to  the area to be require by panels and weight of panels while installing on house or panel cost is one the biggest  factor of solar panel installation  budget and it also decides the payback period of money which we invested in installation.

Other Components Require For Solar Panel Installation

Other components in solar photovoltaic system become invisible players in comparison to solar panel. But they also have same importance in energy generation. which components are required is depends upon the scale of installation and accuracy require in energy generation. components other than solar panel arrays are mounting systems such like sun tracker assembly or steady assembly , DC to AC inverters, Batteries ,Charge controllers, monitoring and metering devices. we have to take same interest  as solar panel while selecting them. For Example , Inverter have one of the highest cost in components to be used for installation, and using  high quality one we can increase the performance of system and also save many dollars on maintenance or replacement of inverters which frequently occurred in solar photovoltaic systems.

Labor Cost of Solar Panel Installation

labor cost of  installation is also have high factor on total money invested for photovoltaic system and it ranges around 10-15% of total investment. labor cost depends the location of installation like on terrace of house, on high rise building walls , in deserts or plan areas. It also vary according to place to place like it very high in one country country compare to other. So while planning budget for solar panel installation local rates for various works must be known and availability of  labors also considered.

Maintenance and Warranty Agreement of Solar Panel

Before purchasing in components for solar photovoltaic system we have to collect the all information regarding components and their manufacturing solar energy companies. what are the standards are used in finding efficiencies and lifespan of component such like inverter ,solar panels have to be considered. Try to avoid the buying components from new player in market compare to standard companies in spite  of  benefits such like longer warranty and maintenance agreements. Because this relationship will last for more than twenty years.


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