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Solar Sells Handbook 2nd Edition: Earn a 6 Figure Income



This information-packed handbook will inspire passion and confidence in your ability to motivate homeowners to switch to an innovative, yet timeless, energy production system: solar energy.

Solar Sells Handbook shows you how to learn about new sales opportunities in the residential solar industry, offering plenty of tips to help you pitch solar products to your prospects, become a successful solar energy consultant, and improve your odds of earning a six-figure income.

Part one of the book discusses the drivers for increased solar sales, such as rising awareness of environmental issues, declining costs, and third party finance models (Power Purchase Agreement and the Solar Lease) that are bringing solar energy within reach of millions of homeowners across America.

The second part coaches you on how to sell solar energy, offering a variety of approaches that have proven successful in the sales of hundreds of megawatts in residential solar.

The third section goes into the technical details and sales protocols that every solar salesperson needs to know so they can present potential customers with the best options, information, and advice—and outshine their competition.

Part 4 discuss What Every Professional Solar Consultant Should Know.

Written by a professional solar sales consultant with years of experience in the industry, this first-of-its-kind handbook is an indispensable resource for newbies and veterans alike.

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