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Solar Energy Circuit Cards



Powerful and effective, Solar Energy Circuit Meditation recharges your body and mind until they radiate with complete health and happiness. Take in the 12 circuits that characterize the cosmic energy around you to zap away physical imbalances and old, heavy emotions and fill up on rejuvenating light. Recover a passion and zest for life, and a glowing vitality that reaches beyond physical health. This form of energy healing and creative visualization is an integral part of Ilchi Lee’s Solar Body Method for natural healing and self-development. Like the sun that generates life-giving heat without fail, a Solar Body charges itself with limitless energy. Solar Energy Circuit Cards comes with 12 brightly-colored cards packaged in a CD case so you can display them on any surface and carry them with you wherever you go. It also includes instructions and suggested uses. • Hold them in front of your eyes to meditate. • Hold them over the body for energy healing. • Display many around a room to supercharge the space.
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