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MPPT Controllers of Power Converters in Solar PV System



Energy is one of the most important needs for economic growth,human development and social development.In recent years,India’s energy consumption has been increasing at fastest rates due to population growth and economic development.In order to reduce global warming and fulfil the shortage of fossil fuel, the world is focusing on renewable energy.Among all renewable energy system solar PV is fast growing technology to produce electricity.The solar PV system consists of solar panel, power conditioning unit and load.The solar panel has nonlinear I-V characteristics. To improve the performance of the solar panel MPPT controller combined with DC-DC converters are used to extract the maximum power from the solar panel. Various MPPT techniques are analyzed with power DC-DC converters to improve the performance of solar PV system. The simulation results are compared with the experimental setup.Hybrid systems, such as fuel cells which are added to the solar PV system are used to fulfill the continuous supply to the load irrespective of the availability of solar radiation. The aim of the Book is to provide adroit knowledge to the researchers those who are working in the Solar PV
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