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Maximum Power Point Tracking System for solar PV array

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The solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is being extensively used in solar water pumping system especially in remote places where there is no access to grid electricity. The cost is gradually declining due to maturity of the technology and large scale production in solar photovoltaic systems. In India, it was first installed in late seventies i.e, solar water pumping systems were used for domestic, livestock and irrigation water supplies in remote areas.However it has gained acceptance due to its cost effectiveness, reliability and considerable improvement in performance of solar photovoltaic systems. The application of PV based solar water pumping systems for remote areas in developing countries, has been accepted as reliable sources of irrigation and domestic water supply .Utilities are finding it economical to allow consumers to use SPV powered pumps rather than extending the distribution line to that area. In this book MATLAB Simulink software have been used for modeling of PV cell which is further modified to realize a PV array model. Different MPPT techniques have been discussed in in this book.
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