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Alone in the Apocalypse: America destroyed: After the Solar Flare



Alone in the Apocalypse: This story is a post-apocalyptic tale about a series of solar events that test the metal of a man who just wants to live alone in remote Wyoming. Will the solar catastrophe or his fellow man kill him, or can he prevail? The Sun is entering a period of solar activity that makes the famous Carrington event of 1859 pale by comparison. Just that alone will knock out the grid, kill most vehicles and fry electronics. 

The USA is not prepared for this catastrophe and the entire world will go back 150 years in technology and living standards. Hardened military vehicles and pre electronic vehicles will be the only machines moving not drawn by a horse, mule or camel.People with pacemakers will fall dead, planes will fall out of the sky and transportation will come to a halt. People will starve; riots and looting will start all across the world. 60% of the world’s population will die off the first year. While that sounds bad, unfortunately, a trio of rogue planets has been traveling on a collision course with the Sun for millions of years. US scientists predict that they will strike the sun during this period of intense solar activity and could exacerbate the catastrophe into an E.L.E (Extinction Level Event). They forecast that the impact would eject a massive amount of solar mass, which will become a Coronal Mass Ejection of enormous size. If it approaches the Earth, it could sear the surface and kill all life. Even a near miss would kill all life on the side facing the glob of solar plasma. Does the US government warn the world and start panic in every country? How can the government prepare for an E.LE with only two years notice?
 Matt Jones became disgusted with his life as a high school teacher, politics and political correctness, which has run amuck in America. He dropped out and took survival courses while learning as much about prepping as possible. He sold his home and business to buy a home in a remote part of the USA and prepare for whatever apocalypse is heading his way. He just wanted to be alone on his property with his two dogs and give the finger to the rest of the world. That is easier said than done.
He encounters many good and many evil people as he fights for survival in this post-apocalyptic world. He is able to do what he has to do to stop the criminals, but struggles on how to cope with the good people who will die without help. Matt can’t save the whole world; he first has to save himself and then figure out what to do for the others if anything.
What would you do to survive? 
Read “Alone in the Apocalypse and find out what Matt Jones does to survive.

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