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A Practical Guide for Total Engineering of MW capacity Solar PV Power Project



This book is a practical guide for the complete engineering of the PV solar power plants-core theme is the designing and construction of these plants followed by operation and maintenance. Lot of theories on this subject are available in the libraries and also on the net. But not much is available on the practical aspect of the solar power plants. The author inserted and supreme posed his actual field experience of designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining solar PV power generating plants on the world’s best theories and texts on the subject.The practical meaning of STC, NOCT, Solar Cable, MPPT, PID, Irradiance, Shadow E ect on the plant, Losses, Meteonom, PV Syst, PR, CUF and many more terms are explained in very simple technical language in this book. Actually this book is a “Made Easy of Total Engineering of PV Solar Power Plants in India”. This is a must buy book for all budding engineers, who want to opt for the solar energy field engineering as their job.
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