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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy


For any product their advantages and disadvantages are like merits for that product and we can judge it’s performance and useability of that product. same way by advantages and disadvantages of solar energy we can find out all secretes of this technology. from pros and cons of solar energy we can understand the performance and working capability of  solar this article of advantages and disadvantages of solar energy we tried to cover all the aspects which affect to solar energy commercial useability.


infinite source of energy

It is not wrong to say that sun is the only source of energy for earth.sun have the ultimate potential to fulfill all  energy needs of receive very small portion  of solar energy radiated from sun and if we convert  total solar energy  received by earth in one second into useable form of energy it will fulfill energy requirement for world up to few hundred  years. So people of world do not have to worried for their future demand of energy because earth have infinite source of energy.

polution free source of energy

one of the biggest challenge today world facing is global warming. global warming is generated by green house gases, green house gases have ability to absorb heat into them that results into higher earth environment temperature which causes many natural problems such like acid rain, storms , melting ice on poles of earth and many other problems with adding to this, most of green houses are health hazards as well. big fraction of emission of this gases are occurred during electricity generation or using automobiles and planes  for transportation. So by using solar energy instead conventional way of generating energy reduce the pollution because solar energy generated with almost zero green house gases emission.

Free Available source of energy

solar energy is available to all the parts of the world without any cost. it is one of the big reason to use solar energy as ultimate source of energy,for all kind energy needs from whole world. Because conventional energy sources such like petroleum ,coal and nuclear having variance related  to availability to all parts of the world due this energy production cost vary from places to places on earth.

long lifespaned source of energy

solar energy can be generated using solar PV systems or by solar THERMAL systems which both have very high lifespan. So by investing money for one time we can generate energy for long period of time say 15-20 years with very little money will be spent on maintenance.after payback period completed we can earn high interest on our investment which done for installing systems.

other benefits includes government policy to support renewable energy sources , less carbon credit requirement for industry , boost the social credit and many more. Government policies like giving higher rates than conventional energy sources per unit energy generated by solar systems or give financial support such like low interest loans for establishment of solar plant which help owner to  reduce payback period and higher earning from solar systems. Industry have to spend less money for buying carbon credits from government for energy generation purpose and also boost social image of company for using renewable energy sources.


we can not generate the equal amount of energy from solar energy generation system  and it depends upon the weather condition of  a  particular place where generation unit is established.Due to this variance in energy generation in different weather condition we have to use another conventional power source for bad weather condition and we also require high energy back up which results into high investment of money.

solar energy cons: Lower energy efficient

energy received by earth surface from sun on sunny day it ranges around 1KW/m²h which is very high compare to conversed energy from solar energy generation system. Due to very low conversion efficiency of solar pv or thermal systems the cost of energy generation have high values which can be taken down to very low values if research done on increasing  conversion efficiency for solar system. Today it averages around 18% of total energy available to solar panel which is quite low then desirable figure.

solar energy cons: payback period is high

payback period for solar energy system is quite long and ranges around four to seven years for various technology available in markets while including  interest of invested money for system. Due to this high payback period people do not put their faith in this technology in spite of having long term advantages. research is going on to reduce the payback period of solar energy systems to two to three years by producing cheap and efficient solar panels for pv system or thermal concentrators for solar thermal systems.

for  installation of solar energy generation system we require high initial investment of money which become a big concern for any person who want to use solar energy as their main source of money . due to expensive solar equipments and solar panels the initial cost is very high and go away from common persons who want to install it. many banks provide loans for installation of  solar systems but they charge same interest  for money to be used for purpose but  any good government  policy can change total scenario.


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